I'm new here but mostly because I need some help. For now I'm here to say hi as I rack my brain for answers and search this forum to find them.

Since this is a Welcome Wagon I should also properly introduce myself, I'm a language student studying to become a translator because I can't sell a piece of artwork to save my life (quite litterally). I still hold a lot of love for the industry and I'm doing it as a hobby for now with hopes of getting better and perhaps selling it if my self confidence improves.
I really love the action genre and rarely delve into shojo as it disinterests me. I do like to read BL/ shounen ai though. I'm quite odd, I suppose. I love to cosplay, I like to drink sake, I've been to Japan and I love Gundam. I'm a video gamer and I love to watch a lot of movies. I like Zombies.

Not sure what else to add other then I read a lot of manga, I watch a lot of anime, though I'm no otaku since I forget most of what I read unless it's BL. I tend to remember those quite well. Some ladies can draw that stuff so well!

Since I'm not sure of what else to say I'll leave it at that! CIAOSU!