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Thread: Research for my long term comic project...

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    Research for my long term comic project...

    Might need this to be moved to general discussion or something, not entirely sure it fits. Sorry.

    Anyway, I've been working on this comic for... Three years, now. Obviously, I was a 13 year old weeb when I started and it's suffered through a lot of crap. Gary Sue was everywhere and little made sense.

    But I never actually started it, just planned it out a lot (which resulted in a lot of admittedly good and complex plot-points and such that I can re-use). Recently I'd been using one of the characters in the UTAU fandom as an avatar for one of the voices I made, and he'd been completely refurbished.
    I started to rethink everything, and now I have a lot of backstory and characters refitted to my current not-so-weeb state. The only thing I can't bring myself to change is that it's based in Japan. Ahaha. It's mostly inside anyway, we'll all survive.

    But the reason I made this thread is because I still can't decide some things for a main character, so I'd like to ask the general public for opinions.

    Would you expect that the mental state of an immortal man (after 4 or so years of little social contact other than a homicidal devil, delivery boys, dead bodies and convenience store workers) be fairly intact? When I say fairly, I mean he's not going to immediately shoot everyone he comes across or be a mute.

    Would you think his personality would be more cold towards everyone, or an okay guy (keeping in mind that he was raised by a loving family and has limited internet access)?

    He had a passion for education when he was younger, but it faltered in his solitude and depression. Would he still speak in a wise style unsuited for his younger age, or would he have stopped learning so avidly when he got depressed and now he sounds a little uneducated? Would he be overly formal or not formal enough?

    This last one is the one I'm having the most trouble with... I want all my characters to have an individual speaking style, and the main characters doubly so. Since one has a Cannon voice, that was no trouble, but this other one is hard to figure out.

    Thanks in advance. This thread might be updated with more questions, should I come across them

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    Immortality per se (in 4 years) shouldn't provoke any kind of mental illness, unless of course you provide a justification of it. But I think a better justification would be living those 4 years in complete isolation in a very sociopathic way (example of what I'm trying to say, is Oldboy). I think more than the characters with which he lived, is the situation, but I don't know what kind of psychology has the character, to be developed by the X situation. Basically, see the situation over the problem.

    I can't answer the second one, that is something you need to figure out and how the psychology of the character works with the story. If you have already the story in your head and you are doing the character now, then you need to think the character as a medium to the plot, something that can make it predictable and uninteresting, but you can still try it and do a great character (conflict between writers in how you should start a story).

    Again, this is something you need to figure out.

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    Hm. Welp, his 'immortality' was recently induced, it's more of a "you can still die, but you'll always come back" affair. Yes, he has an extended natural lifetime, but he can't even begin to grasp that part yet. He's still living as if human, and thus his psychological state is such.
    Is immortality still the correct word for this ? . _. I'm not even sure.

    The second point you make (in regards to the second question) is a good one, and I should see how each personality I'm thinking of would affect future plot.

    Thanks for your reply~

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    Lajos Egris use the following system to create a character:

    -Height & Weight.
    -Skin, Hair, etc.
    -Defect (you can add here the immortality subject).

    -Sex life.

    -Home life.
    -Political Affiliation.

    Of course you don't need to be so specific, but the idea Lajos Egris point, is that all those elements have to integrate organically to who is the character. In here you might get a conflict (but it can be easy to fix) and is that those elements are made to start the story with the character done before the actual story. But you can easily see where do you want the story to go and chose a character with the qualities you need, and doing it so with this kind of guide, you can provide coherence in the characters actions in the whole story (something that is really hard, and you can notice between comic books writers who really gasp this idea well).

    Good luck, and read Lajos Egris and The Art of Dramatic Writing, which is one of the biblical books for scripting.


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