"...You... You can't have him... Your silly magic is just..." Eros rubbed the tears from her eyes, then braced her arms to her chest.

I can use his love power, right? It's not magic. It's his love for me, and his love is honest and all-giving, not a cheat at all... I love his love, and I want to help him spread it!

"Karin you silly person!~" Eros howled, ripping her own dress open down the center of the chest to garter extra attention. The second the tall blonde's eyes made contact with those red-lined norks, the cleric held out both hands like a picture frame and squeeled out a few confusing words in a draconic. "Red king cheating escalation!~"

Eros casts quicken dispell x2 against Karin's hulking fury spell. (DC 15)