Eros was a little discouraged but still smiling. Her toasted heiny seemed to regenerate all by itself, even, whenever she got into one of those smoochy daydreams about a certain loverboy titanic dragon of endless torture and dispair. Walking around in wee wee probally should have bothered her, too, really, but all she really appeared was perhaps a bit cold.

Ignorance is bliss, like a boss. ('v')

When she played with Gnoryc's cheeks like a puppy, it strangely made him feel pretty good too...

Eros heals herself by 47HP (Already sent Kodos the rolls ages ago), back up to full health. Gnoryc is healed by 24HP. She used three cure moderate wounds in total.

The next door probally would have already been open if she knew what keys were and what they did.