Karin had already changed into one of the more revealing of the outfits Eros had prepared for her when Gnoryc offered his input, prompting her to sigh. Daaqo was already climbing up her and trying to nestle in her cleavage as she threw him to the floor, forcing him to scurry midway up her leg and begin humping it, causing the blonde Wizard to shake her leg trying to kick the cackling, horny, horrible little thing off her while still talking to Gnoryc. Naturally, thanks to the jigging and bouncing her shaking caused, Daaqo just clung tighter and Eros stopped what she was doing to stare.

"It's for a disguise you stupid furball. And not the goddamned cat outfits. Eros why did you ev- You know what, gods, I don't even care." Karin pinched the bridge of her nose, shaking her head. "I can't sneak you in as you are, obviously, and I don't think I can smuggle in a goat, either. And as annoying as it is, I might need your help, anyway. So you're coming too." Karin gave Gnoryc a cruel smirk. Eros recognized it. It was the look she and Hevisa got when they saw or thought about something funny. You know, like the time they took bets on how high Eros would bounce, if at all, when droped from increasing heights.

"It's an all-female monastery, Gnoryc dear." She grinned. "So I'm going to have to polymorph you into a chick. Oh, but chear up! I'm sure you'll be pretty enough for Daaqo! Besides, it shouldn't be that weird for you. Spotted Hyena, like the ones out west in the Veldt, have females with engorged clitorises that basically amount to tiny dicks. I mean, still bigger than yours, but hey, your kind came about when Yeenoghu got his jollies off with a hyena, so this should'nt be that alien to you." Giving up on fighting with Daaqo, she allowed the horrid thing to climb up and nestle in it's usual spot in her mountainous cleavage.
"So you have that to look forward to, I guess." Karin gave a little laugh.

"But seriously, Eros, talk to Gnoryc, figure out what he's going to need, and make him a disguise. A CUTHBERTINE ONE. Not a fucking cat costume. Gods. And as for all of you we leave in one week. I'm going to spend time with you all, gods help me, every day trying to drill some Cuthbertine nonsense into your empty skulls so you can at least try and do a convincing job at your disguise and not get us all outed the first day. Any of you fuck this up for me and I'll fucking tear your throats out your asses." Karin was such a nice lady. "Any questions?"