Eros absent-mindedly began to sing a lovely song with no vowels.

~Neqqaaaa, xohoxgyquqo lazzo Anti-loveuuu!
Lyfy ho mey zy fezu za ladybite oluqu lejuqo lojooo~

The words came out adorably horrifying, laced with both a thousand years of tortured despair, and that sweet chipper feeling one got whenever Eros fetched your slippers.

It was... Abyssal? Mostly? Probally?

~Bazzoooo, gaexuly fa yja underpart gaba,
POONY BOOT zolyfawgy zufeqquyqo za zuuuu!

Iefu a lovely uhoa qa zofybo za stab lone,
bozboz meuqu love you laqa xgyqquyje stink flavor!~

Suddenly, the group felt a sudden surge of innate power at their fingertips. It was probally best not to question if that scraggily thing's bizzare warbling had anything to do with it or not.

Eros cast prayer.

"You and your each of your allies gain a +1 luck bonus on attack rolls, weapon damage rolls, saves, and skill checks, while each of your foes takes a -1 penalty on such rolls."