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Thread: Therion Madness, Sky's the Limit! (D)

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    Suddenly a woman, materialized behind Karin and Fitha. She was from Southern Izumo by the looks of her, her ample bosom bouncing and jiggling with the practiced hypersexuality of a Kunoichi (or of Karin) and a ornate katana slung along her back. The leotard clad beauty didn't bother with her katana, though. The woman was clearly a Soulknife, among other things, the purple blade of mental energy plunging deep into Fitha's back followed by two quick strikes against Karin and then a final fourth again against Fitha.

    "Viola sends her regards, cow." The woman smiled, her voice dripping with confidence. In fairness, things were going well for her. Her accent also betrayed her origins in Southern Izumo.

    The woman was quite gorgeous, and had the sort of chest Therion liked (although, like just about everyone, looked almost flat compared to Karin). Assuming she didn't murder anyone, Therion would certainly like her alive. Although if they did kill her, surely they could find some use for the corpse. Didn't some of Therion's sons go for the dead'uns?

    No map because the room is small enough and its not like there are any features in it that will affect the fight. If for some reason one is necessary or you all want one, ask and I shall provide. I am assuming Karin and Fitha are within 5 feet of eachother, and that Gnoryc and Eros are on opposite sides of the room.
    Mai spent the surprise round moving into position while still invisible, and her first round full-attacking Karin and Fitha. Eros is up.
    Fail, you did complain the last boss was too easy. Enjoy your Ninja/Soulknife.

    Fitha at 66/120 HP!
    Karin at 38/75 HP!
    Attack Rolls

    Mai = 29
    Fitha = 25
    Gnoryc = 22
    Eros = 16
    Karin = 14
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