The orb of arcane energy near Anjali seemed to react violently to Fitha's spellcasting, crackling loudly and wobbling before lashing out with a bolt of arcane energy that slammed into the poor Ayanu.

Anjali was clearly hurting, and glared at Fitha. "I'll fucking kill you." Although in pain, she was still quick and acrobatic, kicking Fitha twice before sending a foot smashing extremely hard into Karin's already hurting womanhood. Maybe she was still a bit sore from Hevisa and Therion's attentions, or maybe Karin just could take that much punishment in that sensitive an area, but either way, the breasts with Wizard attached clearly had taken enough punishment in the panties for one day, and proceeded to pass out from pain and exhaustion. Anjali seemed satisfied with that for now, and directed her final kick into Fitha's chest.
18 damages to Fitha from the arcane instability.
21 and 20 damages to Fitha from Anjali
37 damages to Karin, knocking her out at -9 HP but stable. One hit and she's dead. I'd wait till after the fight to heal her.
another 24 damages to Fitha