Anjali leaned over and smiled as Karin taunted back, ignoring Fitha's insult and Eros' semi-coherent rambling. "Oooh, kitten's got claws, hm?" She laughed, a look of mock surprise and concern on her pretty face. "I'd offer to fight you one on one, blondie, but I don't think you Therion lot are known for being very trustworthy, hm? Then again, your group seems to be made up of a mongrel half-breed, a Gnoll, some sort of invalid little girl, and you. And I imagine you're some sort of hooker who learned magic on the side?" She smirked. "If you get your little fuckstain friends to stand down, I'll pound some sense into you. Or pound you flat. Whatever comes first." She shrugged.

Anjali will act or delay her turn depending on Karin and the group's response. If you lie to her about standing down that's a bluff check.