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Thread: Therion Madness, Sky's the Limit! (D)

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    Creating a long and rather unladylike grunt, Karin shot another mass of berzerk magic projectiles into one of the air elementals above...

    SPOILER! :
    Karin uses Quickened Magic Missle x5 + Regular Magic Missle x5


    Eros squeeked painfully at the unexpected jab to the back of the head, but seemed a bit too preoccupied greeting all of their new freinds to turn around and thank Fitha for the injury.

    "Guys! Guys! I know Karin has mega hawt teets and stuff, but please! Too much antilove!" She gave a whimsical smile and fluttered those eyeballs at the marauding horde before her. One of the wreched earth necromentals suddenly gained a heart of gold. "If you come chatter one at a time like proper people, I'm sure you'll come to realise how fantastic-great our dark lord of brain penetration is and how much he loves you!"

    SPOILER! :
    Eros casts control undead. A Will save can negate it.

    Also, for the record, guys, she only has one left...


    The wraith of love took a sudden distaste to his freinds ganging up on miss wizardy components, and thus chose to slash at the nearest one with it's ghostly claws...

    However, perhaps twisted by Eros' tiny brainstem, it seemed to miss completely just the same.

    -NEW MAP-
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