"...Anteefrhendsheep! It's bhuedifal!" Eros blushed amongst the carnage, starry eyed and holding her cheeks from a crouching position. Everything was looking great. Talented Chief was getting more attention than usual. New Golden Lady was being super nice and understood deep love now. Red Lined Devil Lady was still being angry, but had red lines too, so Eros didn't mind. Even Big Knife Devil Lady had fooly-cooly on her mind, but had just forgotten one crucial factor. "Seelly Dhevil Ladyee, yhou aren'd dhwooing eet prophurly... Cloves shoold be ohff furst!"

Eros takes a defensive stance. (+4AC)

Whimsically, the blonde cleric sauntered at the edge of the group whist waiting for the best opportunity to grab either Fjore or Fitha from behind using super gropey palms. *v*