..and that's me.

LOL XD helloooooooooo people! Good evening!

Kairin - The amateur artist who cannot finish a sentence without a "XD"

Hi guys! I am Trixie Anne, otherwise known as Kairin in some websites.

So let me introduce myself!
I was born on the 11th of July and I'm 16! I'm a Filipino first year college student XD!

Well.. my personality... I am... hmm... talkative, lazy, happy-go-lucky --- these are the things that are most negative in me. on the positive side, I am compassionate and willing to help anyone when they are in need (or extreme need ).

As I researched, it appeared that I have the phlegmatic temperament (but it also appears that I am phlegmatic-sanguine or phlegmatic-choleric).
I also have the zodiac sign of cancer (and in some way, my temperament and zodiac sign have relation to each other, and to the element water, which is my favorite element).

My favorite colors are white, blue and green. I have a what-I-call "Second Grading Syndrome" (which means I get very lazy during the second grading period/quarter/semester in school). I get easily obsessed with things I will like even in music. I like uploading in Skydrive all my downloaded songs because I want to make a library of songs.

I am quite dense... LOL


Drawing, Vocaloid, anime, manga, Japan, games, arts, music, piano, books (though I'm not a reader), computer technology, cute girls (LOL), astronomy, general science and biology, English, food and some really weird stuff.

I dream to become a famous manga artist, a writer, a pianist, an expert in the field of computer technology and a doctor. If possible, I want to become a psychologist and a theologist as well. I have so many ambitions, and it's one of the factors that make my life exciting.

When someone has a problem, I am always willing to listen and understand. feel free to talk to me when you want, however, don't expect that I can help big in solving your problems.

Purpose of joining?

To join a community of artists! Such a community is where I believe I belong to. (and it's hard to find fellow artists in real life.. who you can always share many things with T_T) I've been seeking to improve my skills, but not just sketching, drawing manga nor writing a story but also painting, appreciating art, and learning a whole lot more about the world of arts! XD

Find me everywhere: XD

E-mail: seraph.kairin@gmail.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/kairintouzen (kinda strict in accepting friend requests though... I'm such a jerk)
YouTube: KairinxLilianne http://www.youtube.com/user/KairinxLilianne
DeviantART: http://kairintouzen.deviantart.com

See yah! XD