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Thread: Hi there!!

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    Hi there!!

    I'm new here but mostly because I need some help. For now I'm here to say hi as I rack my brain for answers and search this forum to find them.

    Since this is a Welcome Wagon I should also properly introduce myself, I'm a language student studying to become a translator because I can't sell a piece of artwork to save my life (quite litterally). I still hold a lot of love for the industry and I'm doing it as a hobby for now with hopes of getting better and perhaps selling it if my self confidence improves.
    I really love the action genre and rarely delve into shojo as it disinterests me. I do like to read BL/ shounen ai though. I'm quite odd, I suppose. I love to cosplay, I like to drink sake, I've been to Japan and I love Gundam. I'm a video gamer and I love to watch a lot of movies. I like Zombies.

    Not sure what else to add other then I read a lot of manga, I watch a lot of anime, though I'm no otaku since I forget most of what I read unless it's BL. I tend to remember those quite well. Some ladies can draw that stuff so well!

    Since I'm not sure of what else to say I'll leave it at that! CIAOSU!

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    Hi! I suck too. it's okay... *mopes in corner*

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    You think you're odd? Dude, in here, you're normal! Normal, I say! Welcomez~! :3

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    Just gundam? or any other mechs?

    Hello and welcome.

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    What's your favorite mobile suit

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    Hey, welcome. Post some art!

    ... Please?

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    WELCOME And as Rio stated just may be the most normal person here, now if you will excuse me i have to go and shave of some fishes from the inside of my ear while dancing to polka and shooting beavers at granny's.
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.


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