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    "I guess?" Kana shrugged, not particularly caring about the metaphysical nature of her husband and whether or not a horrible person forcibly transformed into a horrible monster via magic and reduced to a mentally retarded but physically monstrous state still qualifies as human. That's a question for nerdy Humans, not beautiful Bakeneko who should be spending their time in better pursuits like fucking or fighting or chasing laser pointers around, if those had been invented and existed in Asul, but they didn't, and so the party's job was a lot harder.
    "Fucking deserved it though." She added.

    Kana shifted her weight, wincing as her broken arm reminded her that it was, in fact, still broken. "I dunno," she shrugged. "There's at least one of us married off to whatever dumbfuck ape was running the bigger towns. Lots more hangin' 'round Hitomi herself. Priestesses and shit. Buncha nerds." Kana rolled her eyes.

    "I 'unno." Kana admitted with disinterest. "Don't really care if she is or she isn't. Never met Otoyo, I'm not that old. But she seemed fun. And Hitomi's kind of really fucking hot and can be pretty persuasive. And 'Hey, Kana, wanna go lord over some of the Humans while I work on reviving Otoyo so we can do whatever we want whenever we want just like old times before Sogi betrayed us?' sounded like a pretty fucking sweet time." Kana gave an exaggerated pout. "But it totally isn't."
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