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Thread: Ladies' Night (C)

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    The towering monk stood silent for a long while, simply being hugged whilst remaining expressionless. The weather was exactly the same as day she arrived, sweltering and humid to the point where it hung in the breath. Shari couldn't remember what she had said to Kai when she first pulled him aside, but it was something to do with being a kindred spirit. Perhaps she could simply tell how much his past had hurt him. It was so rare to find somebody that she related to like that. It enthralled her... But it also fooled her into believing his life was as simple as hers was, without even knowing him.

    She wondered, knowing this, if she would have taken exactly the same path willingly.

    "It's funny how you can go from hating something to missing it so quickly." The silence broke, and the muscular woman reverberated with an overwhelming melancholy. "Kai may not even be able to accept me as a friend when I find him. His wife might hate me. There are so many things that I can't control here, and to be honest, I'm terrified."

    "If it's over... If he can't stand me being around, then..." She looked down to Rei, finally, giving a small, awkward but genuine smile. Probably the first time anyone had actually seen her avoid looking ferocious. "Well... I can't be a slave to violence anymore anyway. You can only piece a weapon back together so many times."

    A prolonged shrug. It made the paintings of her chest and arms twist and contort slightly.

    "I will write. But I can't say when. Or if Kai will reply at all."

    The breeze picked up a little.

    "Remember that Shari gave you these." She cupped Rei's hands together. When she opened then again, the red-orb earrings she normally sported were in the Kitsune's palm. "I don't care if Yaunjun forgets that she lost. Just... remind her that I existed..."


    Throwing the red jacket of her gi over her shoulder, the mountain of a woman walked off into the stone streets, wind pulling the baked dirt into the air behind her.

    No regrets.

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    Party C Z

    Not my best post, but eh. Sorry. My allergies are on the warpath here in Florida, and I just really want this shit rolling, again.
    Also, I like how the party has wound up all women again. We need one guy, what kind of harem anime is this?
    I'm also leaving the general descriptions of your characters up to you, hence why I also kept it generally vague. If possible, please post the art you have of them. Thanks! But yeah. None of these characters, besides Yuanjun and Hei, know eachother - although you all know Rin, of course, and it's possible you've seen Yuanjun - prior to hulking out at least, maybe after - fighting in various martial arts arenas in the city or beyond, but yeah.
    This takes place some intdeterminate time after the last post. Probably a month or so. Yeah, Yuanjun bulked up hella fast, to which I say...
    1. This is a world full of magic and potions. I'm sure Ye Olde Roids are a thing.
    2. Her girlfriend is literally closer to a god than a mortal.
    3. Uh... hyperbolic time chamber.
    4. Reg and I felt it was a good direction for her character, so deal with it.

    The group was gathered in, as was her style, one of the many rooms of the harems. A small but 'big enough' room heavy with the smell of incense and perfumes, and with many luxurious pillows and cushions haphazardly strewn about. Seated atop some cushions, a fox nuzzled happily in her lap (perhaps it liked the shade, hey-oh!) was Rin Shiranui, favored concubine to the Emperor of Kusanagi, most beautiful woman in the world, and, you know, secret power behind the throne of Kusanagi, 9,000 year old Kitsune demigoddess and, on some level, the literal concept of sex and sexuality given perfect physical form.
    Oh, Rin.

    Seated besides Rin was her current lover, Yuanjun. Yuanjun was a bit of a local celebrity in Kusanagi-to, thanks to her having a win record in martial arts tournies that dwarfed her thighs. The fact she was also drop-dead gorgeous and fought in outfits that accentuated her aforementioned thunder thighs and ample - she nearly could fit into some of Rin's clothing - chest certainly didn't hurt her popularity, either.
    Of course, then she lost to some huge muscle chick, Shari or somesuch. Then she was kind of, like, just not in it, her fans noticed, and lost more fights. She's been back, lately, and winning again, though, thanks to having put on a *lot* of muscle.
    Fortunately for her fans, and no doubt to Rin, she managed to keep the tits.

    Also in the room was a cute kunoichi, a gorgeous bald woman, another petite ninja-type girl with a fox-mask about her neck, and a woman wearing what appeared to be thirty layers of clothing and a basket on her head.

    "I'm so glad you all could make it." Rin smiled. "This is Yuanjun. She's my girlfriend. She's, like, the best thing ever <3." Rin laughed. "Oh, oh, oh! Make a muscle! Come on!" Yuanjun sighed and did as she was asked, flexing a massive bicep, while Rin fawned over it before pulling her face in close and kissing her deeply. "That's Hei." Rin added, next, waving to the woman with the fox mask. "Yuanjun and Hei already know eachother," Rin decided to omit the time Yuanjun kicked Hei with those powerful legs because 'she was being annoying.' "And you all know me, but I don't think any of the rest of you know eachother. So before I start boring you all with what I need you to do, why don't we go around the room and introduce ourselves. Oh, oh, it'll be fun! Why don't we start with you, Hei, babe?" Rin gave the girl a flirty wink.
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    Hei's head bobbed in acknowledgment, her flowery hair bouncing a little. Then she closed her eyes and stood up, hands folded on her lap as she did.
    Then she held up her face and opened her eyes. A pretty thing. Far from sexy, or even beautiful doesn't quite describe her. Her eyes were a tad too big for her lineage, her cheeks a little to plump, her a face a little too round. Her clothing revealed her well-toned muscles, lean but with just enough fat under the skin to look smooth. The fabric was black, giving contrast to her moon-pale skin. Just a pretty flower, of no alluring scent or vivid colors. Her mannerism didn't add much to that impression.

    "It is a privilege to serve lady Rin with all of you. She calls me Hei, I cherish the name, and I hope we all will, in time. I leave myself in your care" with brimming smile and a courteous bow to all within the room, she returned to her sitting position.

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    "Huh? Is it my turn now?" The ninja stood up and kinda bowed her head a little. She wore a dark gray cloak that covered her whole body, except for her feet. "I'm Matsumoto Amami." Her hand shot out from under the cloak and pointed a she pointed a thumb at herself. The clothes underneath the cloak were all skintight and pure black, except for a few articles of clothing. She wore some sort of skirt that was short in front, but long and shaped like a bird's tail in the back. Her forearms and shins were clad in some sort of leather bracers and leg guards, with metal semispheres sticking out of them. Across her chest, and probably to Rin's displeasure, she wore some orange padded armor. All the best ninja wear orange.

    Amami still stood there, pointing to herself. "Oh. And I guess thats all." She plopped down into a pile of cushions, finished with her introduction. However, as soon as she landed, her face exploded in pain. She did her best to hide tears of agony, and carefully pulled a shuriken out from under her skirt, while rubbing her butt with the other hand.

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    Atoli sat perfectly still awaiting her turn to introduce herself. She was of average height, about five-foot-eight. She had a tight, toned figure with very little pudge. She had sizable breasts, and shining golden eyes. Atoli was thin and light and completely shaved, head to toe. Yes, completely. She was dressed in light green and white garb. On her torso she wore a small tube top sort of thing, and on her legs a light colored pair of baggy pants held up by a silver cord. In her ear she wore a single, beautiful white and gold feather. It was so magnificent she often had difficulty convincing others that yes, it was really real and not altered or painted on in any way. She had no socks, no shoes, no gloves, no bracelets or anything else. She was a real minimalist sort of gal.

    When it was her turn, she stood up, gracefully and with precision and control. No one had ever stood up quite so beautifully before. She bowed her head and upper body in respect. She then straightened herself out, and introduced herself in a wise, deep tone of voice. "My name is Atoli. I am a Wu-Jen. I am honored to serve alongside you." Very short and very sweet. She sat back down with the same grace and finesse as when she stood, quite pleased with herself. First impressions were everything, truly.
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    Soft sounds had been emanating from the fourth person in attendance for a while now, a deeply contented snoring that was reverberated by the large mushroom-shaped thatched basket on their head. Each breath sent a heavy waft of something akin to curry powder, mint leaves and sugar cane into the air around them, not so much a pungent odor as an overpoweringly strong mix of flavors.

    The rest of the outfit disguised the occupant entirely, to the point where it would be difficult to even tell their gender if it were not for the sweet vocal tone, and the lithe well-manicured feet sticking bare from the bottom of the heavily padded form. The whole thing was gaudy, green-beige and massively improvised, but mostly seemed to be a combination of heavy quilted items strung and sown together. It had the appearance of something in between a bomb proof overcoat, and a body sized oven glove. Half samurai, half komuso, and... Erm, half chef?

    Bulk or no bulk, the outfit was starting to loose it's battle in keeping them seated upright, and they bolted awake with a jolt.

    "...Whatttt~... Ohhh....... Oh-oh!....."


    "How terribly rude of me... I had a little sleep again..." Her voice was soft, docile and airy, to the point that she might well have been talking to herself. The gaps in her helmet were far too darkened to see her lips move, but the ofuda hanging from the front of it slowly wafted back and forth as she spoke. "My name... is Tama... I'm going to... I'm gonna cook things for you..."

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    Yuanjun gave Rin a look that pleaded 'do I have to?' while Rin just smiled, laughing, pushing on the hulking Monk's shoulder. "Gogogogo! Your turn, babe! <3" Yuanjun sighed.

    "I'm Yuanjun. Some of you probably know me from the local arenas. Or abroad. I used to be a bit slimmer. Still won. All the time. Had a bit of a losing streak, put on muscle, I'm back in shape now." She shrugged. "That's it, I guess. I'm sure you all aren't as helpless and inept as the last group I worked with for Rin." She rolled her eyes. Yuanjun was more of a niche beauty since putting on the muscle, one might suppose, but she still had plenty of fans who went wild for her body. And before hulking up, she was inarguably someone most would probably consider one of, if not the, sexiest women alive, so long as we discounted Rin. That said, Yuanjun was also a woman with all the charm and charisma of a particularly boring rock. Her monotone drawl didn't help much, either. It was, though, kind of impressive how it was haughty, bored, and monotone all at the same time.

    Rin hugged Yuanjun and kissed her on the cheek. "Yaay. Now you all know eachother. I'm sure you'll be the best of friends, and we'll all have really mind blowing orgies." Rin laughed while Yuanjun rolled her eyes. "Anyway, you all know the basic premise behind why I've called you here - Yuanjun and her last group encountered some Psions and an Illithid Hulk." Rin's voice got serious. "Listen; Yuanjun already knows this, but it bears repeating for her, and you all need to hear it - the only thing capable of creating, let alone controlling, an Illithid Hulk is an Illithid. The tasks I am asking for your help with will, in all likelyhood, bring you into contact with such an obscenity. If you want to back out now - or at any time, there is no shame in that, and you all know I would love you all just the same." Rin gave a little smile.

    "Anyway, with that out of the way, that's really about all we know. I've had Chiyo looking into things, but she hasn't much to report so far. All we know is that there were several Humans working in league with an Illithid Hulk, that captured Otoyo," Rin practically spat the name, visibly tensing up, "for reasons I cannot begin to guess at. I cannot think of any reason the Illithids would want her - at least not to the extent that they would have orchestrated the whole shitfest in Oguchi." She shrugged. "Chiyo and I are working under the assumption that Hitomi," more venom, "the miserable fucking cunt, was unknowingly working for the Illithids." She turned to Yuanjun. "I told you the dumb bitch couldn't figure this shit out on her own." Rin sighed and took Yuanjun's hand, holding it.

    "Look. I don't really have any leads for you all yet. I'm sorry. I thought we would by now, but I don't. But, I've been thinking and, well, Akemi Hakunetsu deserves to know what we know. I don't know if she can help, but she deserves to be warned. I want you all to go with Yuanjun to Mizunokuni and let Yuanjun fill her in on what happened." She crawled over to Hei and embraced her from behind, kissing the smaller, in more ways than two, woman along the neck. "And you, gorgeous, I think it would be good for you to talk to her. She's a survivor too, you know." Rin smiled. "And, like, seriously, she's also fucking incredible in the sack. She does this thing with her hips, right? It's great <3" Oh, Rin.

    Rin was still mostly feelng up Hei's bare stomach as she spoke. "Once you've spoken to Akemi, get back in touch with me, and we'll figure something out." She held Hei tightly, protectively, and about as non-sexually as things got with Rin. "I'm not going to let the obscenities hurt anyone else, if I can fucking help it."

    Rin then laughed. "Fuck, sorry. I'm being depressing. Shit's depressing, though, right? But, look, Mizunokuni's beautiful, and Akemi's, equally hot. You'll enjoy yourselves there, I'm sure. Sorry, though, Tama, you're going to go by boat." I guess Tama didn't like boats? "Anyway, any questions? I figure you leave tomorrow evening. I'd say tomorrow morning, but I imagine Yuanjun might want ot get *some* sleep." She gave Yuanjun a big flirty wink and laughed. "You're all welcome to join us, right Thunder Thighs?" Rin teased.

    Oh, Rin.
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    Hei blushed lightly as Rin felt her up, though she remained still. "I'd love to meet Akemi" she said, smiling faintly. "They have no right to do that to anyone, ever"

    "Again, as Lady Rin puts it, anyone can leave, and I will understand -- more than you would right now. You don't want them to know you. Not in the ways that they do... For those who are in, I'm grateful. It means a lot, truly" she bows and smiles. "And we will have so much fun, I already like all of you already!"

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    "...Oh, no, don't be silly! I came to help you fellows out for a reason! I won't go making a promise and th-"


    A pained shriek. Actually, it sounded a little bit like a crow, weirdly. Tama bolted upright upon the floor, yanked the waist cord on her garment, and then seemingly dissolved into a pile of visibly smoking laundry...

    After a few more moments, a pair of hands stuck out from underneath the helmet-basket, holding both a tea kettle and a smoking hot metal stand... You know, the kind with charcoal that you can boil things on... Inside clothes that you are currently wearing...

    "Sorry! I really shouldn't do that!" Her dosey voice seemed apologetic. "The heat makes me so sleepy through..."

    "Does anyone want tea?"

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    No one else is posting. I want to keep things moving. So I am assuming no one else has anything to add to the conversation and that no one has any reactions to Tama being some kind of incredible fusion of Inspector Gadget and Siegmeyer.

    The next evening, as instructed, having made whatever preparations were necessary (if you buy anything - mention it) the group met up back at the palace.
    Rin had, in fact lied. To Tama's relief, no doubt, and anyone else in the party who didn't much fancy a long boat trip, she wound up providing the group with a teleport. That was nice.
    Although, obviously, they'd be boating back. Unless they shelled out the gold themselves for a teleport.
    Yuan was pretty big. Did she count as two people? One might have been tempted to ask, but then one might have also remembers Yuanjun's reputation for kicking people that annoyed her. Or for any number of other reasons.
    And Hei might have remembered how much getting kicked by Yuanjun hurt BEFORE she got Oni-sized.


    The weather on Mizunokuni was quite lovely, if hot, although fortunately for the group, other than Tama, no one was wearing particularly much in the way of clothing.
    Still, they had a job to do. The beaches could wait. And the sushi. And the fish markets in general. And all the other wonderful things on the little island paradise.

    The little island paradise that, until six years ago, was under the grip of a cosmic horror beyond mortal ken.
    Fun times.


    The group was instructed, at the palace, that Akemi was currently tending to the Mizukami but if their news was urgent enough, they could escort them to her. Yuanjun seemed to feel that it was, so they did.


    The group was escorted to the beachfront, where they found Akemi and Shinko - not that the group would recognize either by sight, as none of them had met her before - as well as one of the many giant turtles that were common throughout the isles of Mizunokuni.
    Shinko was, as ever, clad in his pearl armor and standing watch over his mistress. His mistress who he was totally not obviously in love with, and who, in turn, was totally not obviously in love with him. No sir. It certainly wasn't obvious by the looks they gave eachother, the way their hands lingered with each touch, the way they spoke to eachother, the little in-jokes and everything. No sir.
    Akemi, for her part, was clad in what she usually wore, which was to say not very much. This time she was barefoot, as usual, in just a low-hanging sarong and a too-small boobtube. She was sitting down in front of the enormous turtle, laughing, apparently chatting with it, and feeding it entire watermelons which its powerful turtle-y maw had little trouble breaking apart.
    The turtle, for its part, was evidently quite ancient and had quite the interesting life. It was missing one eye, its body had numerous scars here and there, and its great shell had a enormous gash in it.

    Akemi rose as the group approached, her eyes mostly focused on the lovely ladies' more interesting bits. The group's escort from the palace introduced the group and made his exit.

    "Rin sent you, hm?" She laughed, making her way over to the group, before stopping to turn and face the turtle. "Listen, you. Don't eat those melons. They're not *all* for you. Okay? What? No. Don't you give me that look you old bastard. I don't care how many Dragons you killed." She smiled and turned back to the group. "That's Old Isamu. He *totally* killed a Dragon." She explained. "That's totally how he got his scars. He's a badass." The great big turtle started lumbering towards the pile of melons Akemi was feeding him, before she turned to glare at him and he simply stopped, and gave her a Look that was kind of the turtle equivalent of 'fuck you' and just stared at the melons while Akemi handled the group. Shinko, meanwile, kept his attention mostly focused on Yuanjun and Tama, given that they were the most obvious threats. Tama as she could well have concealed an entire armory in her clothes - and probably did - and Yuanjun because, well, look at her.

    "Akemi Hakunetsu, at your service. That's Shinko. He watches my body." She smiled, he blushed a bit. "I mean, he's my bodyguard. Really more of a babysitter. The Elders are always worried I'm going to get really drunk and vomit on someone important."
    "But, mis-"
    "One time! Only once!" Akemi laughed before turning back to the group. "So, Rin sent you? Tch. Doesn't she remember I prefer men?" She made her way towards Yuanjun, taking in her muscles. And her breasts. And her face. And those legs. "wow. You're something. I like it. A lot. Are y-"
    "I'm not into women."
    Akemi sighed and deflated a bit. "Is Rin just teasing me now? Kami - no, not you Isamu - what a bummer." She laughed it off and then seemed to notice Tama. "I'm not even going to ask." She then set about mostly undressing Hei, Amami, and Atoli with her eyes - not that there was much undressing needed - while addressing the group. "So. What brings you lot here? What's she want now? And why didn't she send the group from last time? It was only the muscle bitch - no, not you gorgeous - I didn't like. Oh, fuck, did any of you all try and murder me and I forgot about it? Is that why that one," she gestured towards Tama, "is in the komuso getup?" She shrugged and gave Atoli a wink. "I love the shaved head, by the way, babe."

    Before Yuanjun could respond, Hei had something to say. Fortunately, Yuanjun just gave her a dirty look, and not, you know, a kick to the head.
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