Shari would have loved to see Yuan fight Oboro herself. Or maybe have another go at kicking the woman's ass personally; Since they had been back, the husky monk had been training and pumping iron every day in order to try and get her as close to peak performance as possible, and looked every minute of it. Too bad Rin would probably be disapproving of a show of strength here and now. She could always go to plan B, through...

"Did you enjoy getting waited on every day and stuffing your face, honey buns?" Shari's voice was as humorous as it was barbed with well-aged spite. "It's a good thing Rin sent you out here to beef back up, really. I'd hate to find out you'd lost your touch."

The comment was double-edged, of course. If Yuan wasn't doing anything whilst they were away, making her paranoid was enough. If she actually was doing things secretly for Rin whilst they were away... Well then, Shari was hoping that 'babyface's arrogant streak would force her to spill the beans.

Never the less, the hefty woman didn't act the slightest bit interested in the response, instead putting her hands on Kai's shoulders to try and sooth his agitation over the matter a little. It seemed to reassure him, 'Don't worry. She will see.'