Kai glanced at Shari, unable to hide his irritation. Rei seemed sweet, but he was long past exasperated with cryptic and non- answers.

"Rei, about the Obscenities?" he said, not unkindly, "one nearly scooped out our brains and made us kill each other because we were ignorant." He shrugged, "Ignorance in that case protected no-one except, well, you and your family. We would have been..." he trailed off, unable to even imagine what would have happened to them had they not killed the creature, "but your secrets would have been safe. Sadly of course, now we all know plenty of secrets but not anything much of actual practical use. Ignorance does not protect the ignorant." He paused, and sighed. "Ignorance just means you fall down holes you had no way of knowing were there."

"About Hitomi, what tactics is she fond of; any particular personal favourite pets? Or something? Undead? Demons? Cultists?" He looked imploringly at Rei. "Don't you know anything about what we might possibly be up against? So we can prepare?"