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    "I await it eagerly, Oboro-sama..." Shari answered with another ineffective smile. Everything about the brooding woman's personality was fearsome, fearless and magnetic. It gave Shari the strange feeling of wanting to serve under her, despite the fact that the monk would probally survive only half as long as she would with Rin.

    Everything was so messed up. How did this ugly gnarled dog of a woman end up in a sex rectangle? The woman who can't even keep decent freinds around?

    Twirling the empty octopus stick in her fingers, Shari just sincerly hoped that the redhead's choice of meal was a coincidence. So much for going out to get food. I'm not so hungry anymore...

    Returning to the Inn room, she gave Kai an awkwardly frank grin, before sitting on the bed next to him and wordlessly kissing his forehead.
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