Shari was confused and felt a little pained by Kai's reaction, as much of her own fault as it may have been. Why should I be? I'm saving him from being hurt, aren't I?... Her heartbeat was rolling over heavy and slow. Shit. What should I do in a situation like this?... If I just get myself assigned to another team, that would just look like cowardice, wouldn't it?...

Shrugging deeply after a pause, the stony woman just gave into her new-found guilt and sat directly behind Kai. Weighty, warm hands embraced his shoulders softly, and then began slowly messaging out the tense knots of muscle along his back.

"It's alright, through... If nothing else, I think we have proven we can take it."

The process had her shooting a slightly embarrassed look at Rin, but Shari looked down in order to continue anyway.

Talk about mixed signals.