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Thread: Babes, Samurai, and Giant Turtles (C)

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    Unable to tell if her eyes were open or closed in the overwhelming black, Shari's tortured mind superimposed all kinds of terrible false imagery onto her senses. There was no room to think, no room to breathe. Years of training were driven out of her agonized head in an instant. For a second it seemed she was thrashing through a sea of black worms, then the notion of being a blind madman, locked in a room for centuries. Who was she? The country strong-girl... No, a failed, weak imposter... Cut to ribbons on her master's floor. Kept alive 'cause they wont kill her.... They should and she wants it but they won't and it hurts...

    A splinter of new pain errupted through her left thigh. Was it real? Kill it.

    Shari swung a taloned hand, howling at the top of her lungs like a mortally wounded animal, but struck nothing. Her leg continued to bleed, through, and she hung onto the sensation. It was the only way she could grasp back onto reality, even with the animalistic element in control.

    Stumbling, coughing, stumbling. Light? Cobblestones. Outside.

    She was alive... But who was with her?.... Mister Kai.

    The torn monk violently shook the walking nightmares from her head, half trying to find her comrades, and half looking for the abomination that did this to her so she could rip it apart.

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