"Your fear and mistrust is understandable, but misguided.
We're not here to hurt you. We're here to save you. We have travelled long and far to save you from yourselves. You have so much potential, but you are on the brink of complete disaster. You are at constant war and living with a disease you cannot cure.
Some of you wallow in excess while others struggle to eat enough to even survive. The rich grow richer, while the poor grow poorer. Your leaders are more often than not chosen not by merit or popularity, but by having the good fortune of being the children of previous leaders. You live in an madhouse of your own making and yet what most disturbs us is that although you are fully aware of your situation and actions and are in a place to do something about it, you do not. We wish you no harm, and we desire no bloodhsed, but we will do that which must be done to save you from yourselves. We have everything you have ever dreamed of and things you cannot even imagine. You need never suffer again.
All this and more we offer freely unto you. We ask nothing in return. All that we desire is that you allow us to help you.
Your days of poverty, hardship, disease, and misery are over. The new dawn is at hand, and it is so much brighter than anything you can possibly imagine."

Kai could hear it, and Hei could feel it, it was getting closer.

"All you have to do, my child, is trust us. If you would like, as a show of good will, I will release my telepathic connection with this woman. She will be able to tell you, herself, that what I have said is true. If I had wanted you dead, you would already be dead. I am here to help you, not to hurt you."