And then it was time for the final swordfight.

Oboro was beyond words. Maybe she just hadn't needed to exert herself in the previous fights, but you now got the impression she wasn't even trying. Gracefully she dodged and weaved around Satomi's skillful strikes, occasionally catching one, but more often than not either dodging outright or parrying with her own sword - which she still did not draw from it's scabbard. Occasionally she'd hit back with unarmed strikes of her own.

Eventually Oboro got hold of Satomi's waikizashi.

Satomi was amazing, herself. She, too, was like watching an artist make art when she fought.

She never really stood a chance. In the end, the fight had ended, really, the moment Oboro got her blade. From that point on it was just Oboro making things implicitly clear to everyone watching that Satomi, like everyone else, was just wasting her time.

She was really something else.