"I know. That's why I sent the healers away. Said that even unconscious you were refusing their treatment." Rin gave a little laugh. "That's my stubbon Yuanjun. My stubborn, beautiful, brave, wonderful, Yuanjun."

"I wanted to be alone with you, if that's okay. I sent the others away. I'll admit, a bit of it is that I can't be seen with you, but also I wouldn't put it past... them... to try something."

She gave another smile, more genuine this time. "I love you and if anything happened to you I don't know what I'd do." She said, kissing Yuan's hand. It felt wonderful, as always."

"And that's why I'll sit here with you until you can feel better. You're a tough thing, you'll be fine. Then we can watch Ryo flail around with his big metal phallic symbol, and I can make lewd comments while you make mean faces at him." She laughed.