"You're not half the bitch you make yourself out to be, tough girl," Yoko laughed, smiling at the hug. "You don't need to worry about me. "What's she going to do? Kill me? Pfft. She's just some loopy person. Probably just needs some sense knocked into her."

She smiled, before her face betrayed her nervousness. "Oh gods, what if I win?!" She suddenly gasped. "I mean, I've won tournaments before, but, never one this big! Lord Yagyu himself is here! What do I do? I mean, is this outfit too slutty? I don't want royalty to think I'm slutty!"

From the arena floor you could hear it was time for the fight to begin, Yoko gasping and getting her game face back on as she turned. "You better cheer for me, you!" She laughed, before heading out.


Yoko entered to cheers, (and a fair deal of catcalls. Even among the general din of cheers you could hear Rin in particular. Given the blush and the awkward wave she made in Rin's direction, Yoko heard it too) confident and proud.

And then Qing entered. Her reception was not quite as positive, and Rin had some colorful things to say. Qing seemed to manage to make even walking look unbarebly arrogant and slutty. For whatever reason, Mei didnt accompany her sister this time.

Yoko gave a respectful bow. Qing laughed. You couldn't hear her, but she was talking to the hefty woman, and given Qing's body language (and general demeanor) you had an idea it was probably something unflattering.

And then the fight was on. Qing, unsurprisingly, was faster than Yoko, and quickly rushed towards her larger foe, although her toned legs didn't seem to be able to do much against Yoko's ample Yokoness.


Yoko was winning.

The sumo wrestler was taking just about everything Qing was throwing at her. You could ocassionally hear Qing letting out almost feral sounding screams of frustration and/or anger as her strong attacks were largely shrugged off by the larger woman. And while the graceful princess was able to dodge the vast majority of Yoko's own attacks, those that did hit clearly hit hard, almost knocking Qing over one time.

Then it all went to hells.

Screaming like a wild animal, Qing threw herself at Yoko. Yoko was clearly caught off guard - more by Qing's animal fury than her speed. Grabbing the larger woman by her head, Qing drove her thumbs into Yoko's eyes, causing her to scream, stumbling backwards and covering her face after shoving Qing away from her.

Qing wasn't letting her off that easy. Closing the distance the vicious princess drove her foot up between Yoko's legs with enough force to make even Yuanjun shudder. Yoko's reaction was predictable and swift, doubling over and moaning. Qing quickly sent a flurry of kicks into Yoko's ample stomach. Yuanjun could hear the psychotic monk laughing with childlike glee.

Qing began to toy with Yoko. Kicking her face repeatedly, and sending hard kicks to her stomach or groin whenever Yoko seemed to be mounting a competant counter-offensive.

In the end, Yoko was left swaying, out on her feet. Qing rubbed up against her, running her hands along Yoko's chest and rear, before sending her fist deep into Yoko's stomach, causing the poor woman to fall to her knees and then, much to Yoko's humiliation, lose her lunch.

Qing laughed before stomping down on the back of Yoko's head, driving her face down into her own vomit. Raising her arms in victory, Qing kicked Yoko in the face one last time, and then made her way out.



As the fight ended, Yuanjun was suddenly aware of someone besides her.

It was Mei. She appeared out of breath, her face a bit flush. Had she been... ugh.

"You're up soon." She said, her voice dripping with arrogance, sexuality, and menace. Yuanjun realised Yoko was right. There was something so broken inside these two that you could just tell by being near them. Mei was sick. Very sick.

"Are you scared, little peasant barbarian whore?" She laughed, her voice taking on an almost sing-song quality. "Are you going to go home and cry to your mommy? Oh, wait," Mei gasped, the visible portion of her pretty face taking on a look of mock shock "Your mom is dead! Your father killed her, and then he killed himself like a fucking little coward bitch," she laughed.

"That pig," Mei nodded towards the arena floor, "was a disgusting fat slob. You're kind of pretty, for a filthy peasant harlot. So you don't even have being a big ball of fat as an excuse. How sad."