The dungeon was mostly stealthy stuff, so Zizi is why you cannot have nice dungeons.
In case you forgot
Bakeneko = Sexy Cat Ladies
Bakemono = Japanese Goblin Things
Nekmata = Elder Bakeneko with two tails, more magic powers, and a anthropomorphic cat form in addition to their Human and giant cat forms.

Kana shrugged. "I don't think so. At least not anywhere where the Oni are likely to be. They're too fuckin' stupid to remember what places are trapped, half the time. S'probably safe." She turned and started off. "We're even now. I don't owe you shit anymore, thunder thighs.
But... uh... thanks."


Kana had been true to her word. The tunnel network was full of primarily Common Oni and Bakemono, although there were an uncomfortable amount of those undead women and those Hakagoto things. Still, between Kai's stealthiness, Haru's magic, and Yuanjun and Shari's muscles, it hadn't been too difficult. Ryo found himself of limited help against the undead, but fortunately Oni and Bakemono cut easy enough.


The tunnel led, as Kana said, to the basement of some building - presumably, like she said, within the inner walls of the palace. It was guarded by four Common Oni, but Shari and Yuanjun fixed that.

The first thing that hit the group upon exiting, besides how scary Yuanjun and Shari were, was the stench. Even indoors and a bit underground, they could smell the odor of death that presumably permeated the city. The unmistakable unnatural cold that accompanied the Undead was heavy here, too. Haru and Tsubasa felt it most pronounced. Oguchi proper was a large city, and between the plague and the Shogun's madness, all the women had died. So, assume a population of several thousand. Assume 50% were women. Assume they all died, and that at least half of the dead came back as undead. Toss in about 25% of that number to account for the male undead.

"We're in." Yuanun drawled. "Now what?"