Hitomi continued struggling and squirming and showed no signs of tiring, much to Yuanjun and Shari's annoyance and difficulty.

"What? I fucking look like a wizard to you or summin?!" She spat, fairly literally. "Hells if I know. Wasn't magic, prob'ly psionics or some shit." She gave a bit of a laugh. "You Humans tried pretty fuckin' hard, but you didn't get all the psions in Shibayama. And you act all outraged at what I've done. At least I do what I do because I choose to, not as a knee-jerk 'cause I'm a scared little pussy. You don't scare me, bitch.
Consider how old 'ol Sogi is, shithead, and consider when it was she became a boring uptight cunt. Do the math. All those silly wars up north are her fault for trashin' the Huangdi Empire. She made Otoyo and me, and the others. So she bears the blame for that too. I don't give a fuck in Hades what the fox-cunt is calling herself these days - she's still Sogi, and Pao Su, and Da Ji, and all the others. Only difference 'tween me and her - or her and Otoyo - is that Otoyo and I know what we are and aren't running from ourselves or lying to ourselves." She smiled. "Although I suppose it's not just herself Sogi's lyin' to these days, is it? What's the bitch giving you shits? Sex? Money? Both? What, she tell you she loves you? You know she's a hooker, right? That's what they all say." She gave Yuanjun in particular a wink. "I bet she said you're the best she's ever had, even, right?"

Yuanjun, for her part, seemed angrier than the group had ever seen the terrifying woman, but rather than hitting the Nekomata - not that she had a limb to spare for it - she just replied as calmly as she could, through gritted teeth, while tightening her hold on the squirming, struggling, classy lady.

"You're pathetic."

Hitomi just laughd. "Did I touch a nerve there, thunder-thighs?"

Hitomi wasn't a very nice lady.