"Well, I don't like her." Was Yuanjun's non-answer before stomping back off.

...Mission successful?


The group stopped some ways away from the capital because, well... come to think of it, they still didn't know exactly how to get in. Naturally the city would be walled, and likely have guards along the walls and all the gates. The group stopped quite a ways away since, after all, who was to say those guards would be Human? Kana did allude to the majority of the Bakeneko being about the city.

Maybe there would be some manner of secret way in? A lot of cities with castles did have secret tunnels and stuff, what in case of sieges. Plus the group did have a Druid. Maybe Haru could, like, turn into a bird and fly in and poke around? Nekomata didn't have truesight, right?