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Thread: Looking for a scriptor!!!

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    Cool Looking for a scriptor!!!

    Well,Me and my writer so far....are finished with the first section of this storyline I made and detailing it to make a more complex plot/storyline and since its the first part,hes trying to finish up more on and wont be done til spring until then...... Im looking for someone who can add dialogue by looking at the story and put in dialouge either in a panel format,etc....

    so that way...things arent so slow....

    At the same time though..Im also looking for an artist that has a style similar to my own so we can collab in getting the characters to look their fullest....

    and also, Im maybe also looking for a writer that knows how to edit...and can read a storyline and put in good ideas for what me and my writer have made in this first part....

    So please,If anyone would love to work long - term(a few months - the comletion of manga) with me,Id really like it.

    Need some helpers since me and my writer are ameatures at a refrence you can look at us like the manga "Bakuman" in a way.

    Anyways,Email is - for a quicker way to get to me....

    And I really hope to find some help.

    Short summary of the Storyline(has been copyrighted) XD :

    Background/ Setting-Set in the year 2018 (or sometime in the near-ish future. Doesnít really matter). The economy has struggled severely worldwide, causing the entire planet to fall into a global
    great depression. Much of the worldís population is starving, even dying of hunger.
    Even most major cities have turned into grim, filthy wastelands. (Some cities, however,
    have managed to escape the economic plague, such as the one that Hanoko starts out
    in). Many governments have begun to collapse as well, giving way to anarchy. Later in
    the story, HEX Corporation (youíll read about it soon) will establish itself as an
    International company and manage to succeed despite the harsh times. Itís wonder-product, the superhuman serum, promises a new life to any and all who can obtain it,
    thus making HEX corp look like the savior of mankind. Eventually, it begins to replace
    the toppled governments, as it is loved by nearly everyone worldwide. But they donít
    know the true intentions behind itís leader... and the rest will unfold as the story

    (Were still unsure if the setting's going to be realistic or not.)


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    Hmmmmm...sounds interesting. I would like to hear more about the story and characters, if any.

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    What ams for does we haves these for lives the wholes lifes?
    Is it angsty and if it is does it get punched out of people like in Gurren Lagann

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    This does look interesting. Who is the protaganist? And how does then hex corparation establish itself in the midst of anarchy? I may not have that much experiance as a critic but I've written the first few chapters of three different ideas that I've had in 'script' format and I believe I know a good story when I see one. I'd be interested in helping.


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    Agrees with Pete. How, in Anarchy, as in "no government, aka no money, no laws, nothing making you pay them", does a company rise? I may or may not be interested in helping, 'cuz I wanna start my own manga too, but... depends on what parts you want help with.

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    Ill post something about this in the manga works....

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