Yesterday I was with a classmate and we start discussing where the future of videogame stories is going and how will it be. He claim that a videogame should always be about interaction, which mean lineal stories are gonna die because don't let the interaction of the player over the story (which is a element on the game). And finally state that lineal stories are going to stay for books or movies, where you don't interact with the story becoming a viewer.

I claim that is wrong, lineal and interaction can live together, we can have lineal games and interactive games, and not because a game is lineal it's going to be bad.

The idea of lineality has become very strong between critics in games, as we have seen, FFXIII had as a mayor critique it's lineality in story and map (I don't see lineality as its flaw, I see the story per se as it's flaw), and many more games are trying to bring the idea of options and impact on decisions, while others don't (ex: red dead redemption). So where is the story of video game going? are we going to be trying to gave option to players to gave the illusion of impact on his decisions? are we going to have those living together? how critique is going to see those differences? how games without story are going to behave? and if those last ones are going to be classified as arcade games, when they can be extremely big and important (like minecraft)?