This isn't in Chatterbox because I'm seriously (kinda) considering it. It isnt in the Game Developer's thread because that thread has falled under the category of "Fenn started posting so it died."

Here's the idea: An RPG based on forum posting.

I'll pause to let it sink in.



Okay, it sounds farfetched, but these are the ideas I love to work with, the very obscure, unexpected ones. Within the Internet forums there are certain patterns, certain traits, certain reoccuring elements and character types: "Troll" and "meme" come to mind. I think, although I'm not sure how, if one could categorize this madness, twist it into some convoluted combat system, and create a wierd story behind it, it could work. But there's no way I can do this without some brainstorming help.

Obviously each charater in your "party" is a user, with a custom username. Experience points could be earned via post count, and views when you make a new thread. Stats might include Humor, Intelligence, Typing Speed, etc. For equipment, I imagine things like Avatar, Signature, and other common profile options.

As far as gameplay, I'm kinda at a mind block. Obviously the basis could be making threads and posting in them. Your party of friends could have to fend off trolls, flame attacks, fanboys, ranters, and other threats to the sanity of the boards. Obvously each thread won't be a specific topic, it's more the IDEA of a thread.

OR I could make it a more traditional RPG just with terminology and animation that acts like the above idea. Crazy, yes, but I think it could work.