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    "-But you say ve are doing this for a good veason, yes?-"

    The sentiment repeated in Irveska's head, whilst she fought the urge to unsling one of those massive bolts and embed it in Rane's forehead. Not even just because the woman's sloppy rulership and dipshit rapist groupies, but because it was what the Tyrant specifically told her not to do. Still, it would probably mean bad things for Septimie, Grila and Davlin if she did. Conveniently, nobody had seen her with Dietlinde in daylight, but it still seemed rather... Cruel to spoil her reputation by association.

    As for herself, she didn't really give a flying turd. It would be refreshing to get some of her enemies out in the open.

    Below her haunting skeletal mask, the red-haired lynx just shrugged, arced her head sideways, placed a hand on her hip, and made a damn good show of the fact she hadn't quite decided on what to do with the strange mongrel lady yet.

    "...Nobody special. It's interesting that it was so easy to get in here, through." She curled a strand of hair between her fingers, and managed to exude the expression of a vicious smile just through her eyes alone. "Word is, you have quite a few powerful little chumps after your head. Freaky, red-robed, masky sorta folks."

    "Oh, no need for that look!" She laughed charismatically, attempting to keep the mood unconfrontational whilst keeping her distance. "He wasn't my employer..."

    "Well, not exactly. The guy was just some theatrical penis who was trying blackmail me. Called himself the Tyrant."
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