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Thread: Konichi wa.(Hey guys)

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    Konichi wa.(Hey guys)

    I joined the site a while ago to check out tutorials but I never introduced myself. Now, I'm going to be legit, I'm pretty young( 13 years old ) , but I really have a deep passion for drawing and I desire to someday be a manga artist. Well, an official one anyways. I'm currently working on one called "Seal", and I know I may be a little young to be making manga, but people have said that I had a real talent and that I should pursue my goal, so..yeah. Some extra stuff is that I'm black, I'm into manga and anime(obviously?) and I am sometimes stoic, so if I act emotionless on here sometimes I've either had a bad day or it's simply ego. Err... I guess that's it. Oh, and try not to get into flame wars with me.

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    I'm black
    Does it matter?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Outcast View Post
    Does it matter?


    I don't think so, I was just saying for facts.

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    MT ni youkoso! (welcome to MT!)

    Enjoy yourself, and if you have a tablet, stop by the Groupboard and draw with us

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    Im Gedeon nice to meet you!.........and im white...............Welcome to a magical place where your dreams fall apart and you wish you are dead! It's a jolly place

    p.s. i kid......a ego....and all that........Also i want to do a flame war with you! *throws a molotov at NinjaC' way*
    Quote Originally Posted by GunZet View Post
    Mmm, yes, considering he's Serbian, he might.... overwork the ladies. Don't need that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gedeon View Post
    Also i want to do a flame war with you! *throws a molotov at NinjaC' way*
    *Uses Vegeta's fire attack and Gokyaku no jutsu\*

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    Hi new friend

    Mod edited for language barrier mishaps
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    Hey guys my name is Sylux and I'm white. Just so you know, you know. Not like it doesn't matter or anything...

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    Sylux, you used a double negative. Double negatives are BAD!

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    sylux's first language is spanish and they're okay in that language, thats why he did it


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