This one time I just got up and heard from a talk show about a certain topic that's really funny. don't really remember the name of the talk show but it's something that is taking people's problems from callers from cellphone or text messages and giving them advice from the T.V.

The problem of the one who sent a text message is a girl who has boyfriend that she wants to break up with, but the problem is the guy doesn't want to break up with him.

from that point there's really no problem, all the girl needs is to walk away, but the guy blackmailed her and saying he will post their video of.... you know.. scandal.

so the girl asked the advice from the two host of the program,

one guy said, "If I were in your situation I would be staying with him, atleast one way or another I would be able to get my hands on those videos"

while one guy said, " oh no, for me I'll tell him to get lost and go and post it if he really want!! and if my friends saw those videos, I would just say, that's not me, haha she looks so much like me! but I swear that's not me"

just thinking what would you guys do?
oh, and post other situation if you want as well.