Well, the title says it all: Do you believe in ghost?

I'm pretty sure ghost do exist but yet I choose not to believe it. There have been many cases when the TV in the living room would turn on by itself.

Oh, one time my brother was watching the movie, Spirited Away, on the TV's DVD player. At the time I was in my room, hearing echos of the movie. It was raining and I was drawing. Nothing happened. Oh, but I was wrong.

After some time passed, the movie was beyond the beginning, and it's a long movie(2 hours). I could just hear the which it part the movie was. It was at the part when Chihiro was with No Face on the train to go see Yubaba's twin sister.

All of the sudden, the movie went back to the beginning, back to the opening scene. It went back to the beginning, where Chirio's mom is talking to her.

Now, at the time, I just thought my brother missed something and he wanted to see it to clarify. At this time, I finished drawing whatever I was and went to grab something to eat. So, I went walking out and saw my brother asleep on the couch, knocked out. Surprisingly, that didn't make me question on why the movie restarted.

So then, I walked to the kitchen to have some leftovers, and my brother says to me in a very tired voice, "Did the movie restart?" I nodded my head obliviously.

Then I asked, "I thought you did that yourself." My brother shook his head and looked at me.

"You didn't restart it yourself?" I asked.

He shook his head again, and asked me in a low, "Was it a ghost?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I dunno... Maybe the ghost saw Spirited Away and was sad that the it couldn't watch it from the beginning. So it, restarted the movie without touching anything."

"Wait," my brother paused, "the remote was by me but there was no way I could hit a button to restart the movie."

We looked at each other with surprised faces. My brother took out Spirited Away from the DVD and I ate some food. And the rain was just pouring down.

So, what do you guys think? Do you believe in ghost, myths, or anything paranormal. Go ahead and share your own story or stories. I personally, find it interesting to hear what people have to say, because everyone has something different to say.