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Thread: Looking for artists!

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    Looking for artists!

    Hey. I like drawing manga and all, but I have this ability to get bored easily.

    I have a lot of mangas planned out so if someone is interested, or multiple people... Yeh.

    Most will probably be comedy/action stuff (think fairy tail or beelzebub)

    I'll post more info if someone or some people are interested. ^.^

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    Ying Yang Member DemonChild101's Avatar
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    I get that prob a lot 2 n i hate it wen i get a beast story but then it goes to waste... i like a lil romance in my mangas stories personally so maybe we could do it together n mix the storyline??
    It would be epic!!!
    co-authors if you will

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    Haha, sure ^.^ a lil romance is fine yeh
    I'm better at just creating the action and funny stuff and the main plot ideas XD romance ain't my forte

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    Ying Yang Member DemonChild101's Avatar
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    I LOVE th romance stuff but in small doses to keep the reader guessin... i guess its a game of cat n mouse but I LOVE it when the writers do it but frustratin tooo
    the drawins hard too i mean like stikin with it... cuz this is what happens

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    Agreed XD

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    Are thinking of a group thing like Clamp or you're on top, or you just write the story or what? I'm kinda interested.

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    101 Dalmations Member
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    Are you good? . .*my silly question*

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    101 Dalmations Member Shindoutou's Avatar
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    I usually suck at creating main plot ideas, I'm better at doing (sometimes useless) details in stories!

    So, yeah, I'm interested


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