Because it deserves its own thread.

What is epic music? The term is pretty board and far-reaching, but generally it refers to a bransh of classical music often heard in action movie tralers and soudtracks. It is incredibly powerful music for stimulating emotion. Although some epic music has lyrics, most scores are either purely instrumental or include a chorus of vocalists. All in all, the musical elements of the genre are far more emphasized than the lyrics. (Correct me if I'm off guys)

Never heard of epic music, and don't know where to start? The best way to get into music is to look into the soundtracks to your favorite action movies. Chances are that music is part of the reason you love those movies so much; you just didn't realize it because music often takes a back seat to visuals and plot.

If you want to start checking out some of the big names in the industry, here are some links:

- Hanz Zimmer:
- Immediate Music:
- Epic Score:
- Two Steps from Hell:

I'll add more links as the topic grows. Post your favorite epic songs, albums, and composers so we can all expand our knowledge of this awesome art form!