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Oz you didn't address my post man what the hell. Also I don't know if you should be arguing about any kind of problems until you have real problems yourself. Once you get a job, once you start paying bills, once you start buying everything you need for yourself, then you can talk about it.
Huh? What post? Do you mean the speech one? 'Cause that was prolly the only one I found funny in this thread. Also you never know, there are some worse problems than making a living and living on your own. Domestic violence and child abuse are just two examples.

Ozzaharwood you white knight consistently. I'm not insulting you, I am offering you an outsiders opinion. If you wore shorts I would tell you the same thing.
Fine. I don't really care anymore, so I'll stop. It doesn't really make a difference anyways because it usually ends up in a debate, like this. I'm just saying, it'd be nice if new members would stay more often than not.

And it can't be helped if they don't follow through the appropriate channels. First post is a naive thread telling people their problems aren't that bad from a person who seemingly has no real pressing problems to begin with. I mean if a veteran member had made this thread it would have had the same result.
I thought the same thing, but when I read what people were writing it pissed me off. If it was in the chatterbox I wouldn't care; we probably should've just moved it there.

That is just as dishonest.
Not really. There are ways to post relevantly, make your point, and stay honest. It just takes longer.

Regardless, you won't find a solution by simply not thinking about the problem. It's pretty much the opposite.
A lot of the time though you will find a solution by thinking of it casually. It you work too hard towards finding a solution it adds more stress. I know what you mean though.

You're pulling a fenn here and insulting my intelligence. You have no idea as to the extent of my problems so please stop playing internet md.
It wasn't my intention to offend you, and if I did I apologize. My mother is a registered nurse though, and specializes in cancer. They usually suggest the 400 mgs for brain tumour migraines. I was just trying to help you rather than offend you, that's also why I said "Also, I know he said "Anything" but I think in medical circumstances in which you can't do anything yourself are excluded." I wouldn't try to make a point and then render it obsolete with my next sentence. You probably have tried everything already, so there is probably nothing I could say that would help so I won't add anything more.

Wouldn't nothing be better than working 40 hours just to pay for the gas you need to get to work?
You could always move or take public transit. But I also don't know your circumstances here, so there really is nothing I can say.

I'm going to sleep now, so if I do post again it'll be tomorrow.