Have you ever thought: Problems can take over your life if you make it to be.

Now when I say this, I mean making problem, problems, all of your life will take you away. But if you just stop and think, and put all of your worries away, you can make your life as positive as you want. That is only if you rarely focus on your problem.

I am not saying you should forget your problems completely. Only keeping your problems in the back of your mind will make you even more keen. So in the future you will know how to deal with it.

The ultimate and most difficult accomplishment to do, is to solve with your problems. Anything, love, relations, bullies; anything. The only way to learn, is to struggle. Is to struggle with your problems. Because in life, no one is going to solve your problems for, but only you.

I know it's hard, sometimes, but keep struggling and never give up.

Problems are just problems, only everything is bigger than problems if your life, if you make it to be.