As many people knows, Diablo III is at months to be released, and this game can become one of the most controversial for fans, because it break everything we love of the prequel (Diablo II).

This controversy born from the deal that in Diablo II you have to build your character, choosing his skills wisely and giving a lot of points to vitality (when you level up you gain 5 points for stats and 1 for skills, as levels are limited, you have to be sure in what to spend every point). In Diablo III the formula is different, every time you level up your character will automatically learn every skill he can, and it will auto sample the stat points, letting out any bit of creativity. Blizzard said that the creativity in building characters wouldn't die, because now you can only have 6 skills and 2 passive skills, which it will make the decisions harder when you do your character.

Blizzard upload to internet a skill calculator to show players how funny would be to equip your characters with his/her skills. I play with this and sadly I found it was pretty lame.

Skill Calculator.!cWV!ZbZaYY

The main problem I found was that, there was no room for creativity, I tried to do a Demon Hunter (character who use range weapons) as a mele character with traps, but the game constantly force me to use range weapon skills, even more the traps the character have are few and you can't make a good character with only few skills, you are forced to play the game as Blizzard told you. In contrast, in Diablo II you could build a Assassin (mele character) as a range trap character, because you have the freedom to do it.

This impression goes beyond how Blizzard force you to play as the character should be played, to also how bad the skills are. I'm not saying are useless, but plenty of the skills are USELESS. Example: Demon Hunter's have a passive skill named Hot Pursuit, which gave you 10% more movement speed when your hatred (is like a mana bar) is full. This skill is useless because as many Diablo fans know, there are plenty of items that can gave you extra movement speed. Not only this skill is bad, but there are plenty of active skills that just don't work with the other skills (Demon Hunter's are range trap characters, and some skills are summons or close range damage, which I see as a failure, because if you are forced to play as a range character you wouldn't need any close range damage or summons).

The 6 skills max look more like a problem for Blizzard than for us, because you can easily build a good character with just 6 skills (specially because most characters don't have more than 23 skills and half of those are useless).

So, are you afraid or exited? Do you think Diablo III can be a good game? be better than the previews? or Blizzard would fail?