Okay peeps so here's the dealio. James and I are interested in watching NPB games (that's Nippon Professional Baseball) and I think I've managed to find a website that streams the games.

So if you want to watch the games with us, let us know. The first game we're gonna try to watch is this friday evening at 11:30 central. The streaming website is:

the schedule for the games is here:

Keep in mind those times in the schedule are from Japan so don't get confused.

Also, I don't know if that streaming website even works, so we wont know until this friday when we actually go to watch.
We're gonna do that thing where we skype while we watch this so we can discuss stuff as it happens, so post your skype name if James or I don't have it already.

Those are the teams in the central and pacific leagues, similar to the american and national leagues in north america.

SO yeah if you're interested, let us know by posting here.