just critiquing on your last pic; it's an adorable back story and cute characters. However there are a few problems with the anatomy that I can see:
Wondergirl: first of all, her belly looks a little off. To me, it looks like she is about to fall cause of her belly's gravitational pull. Also, she has a chicken leg for her left leg. I think it would look better if you widened the knee and ankle a bit. Also twist the foot a bit to the side, kinda like how Superkid's feet don't end up facing the audience.

Superkid: His eyes seem a little skewed and his head looks a little too forward. Other than that, his left forleg shouldn't be bent like that. Try drawing the top of the foreleg with a straight line. I might be wrong, but his right foot seems a little off on the curve by the toes.

La chica Jesus: This one really shows your strong suit. The only thing that I see wrong in her is that her right arm is smaller than her left. Same thing with her left. While working with simitrical things like that, normally I lightly draw the jist of the leg, scan the image (or manually redraw it on another paper and flip the copy, so that you can match your first image and retrace your leg.

But koodos on your work, it's really cute