ohh i must say you've come a long way with your art, very impressive i must say O: also a lot of art in your last post, i'll try to comment on them as much as possible so i'm sorry for the long reply in advance hehe =v=

1) "On the left side of her face, her cheek curves into the chin too soon." honestly, i think it's because the left side of her face is broader than her right side, or at least broader than it should be in this position of the head. the chin should be replaced a tad to the left i think, it might also solve the problem jorgie mentioned :3 i also like the white in the drawing, it's hard to add highlights rightly but you did well :3 maybe you could add some more contrast and bigger shades to the drawing? don't be afraid, i think it will add some little more depth in the drawing it's missing now :3

2) i really like this one, and as already said the eyes are a bit slanted downward.. also i don't know if it's any style you're aiming for but the shoulders are very flat, i miss the trapezoid muscle a bit. also i think her breast are a tad high, but nevertheless it's a very nice looking drawing :3

3) i loooooooove the expression in the third one. but please take notice that the jawline might be a bit too broad. right now it's very much positioned backward (as well as the ear) ^^ also keep in mind that when drawing jawline, there's another line from chin to neck which moves more gradually in silhouette. also you very much accented the jawline, i don't know if it's intentional but you don't have to draw the whole line to make it evident, just signing it is there with a "broken line" is often enough :3

4) the hair line is not completely in the center, but i don't know if that was what you wanted :3 also i think the horns would be nicer if they are a liitle bit bigger but this is completely style related. the drawing is cute this way already, as already been said the shoulders might be a bit narrow. besides i see that the one ear is smaller than the other ear. heads are actually not having much enough distance for perspective to be evident, so ears and eyes etc should always remain the same size, but you might have already known that ^^

5) here i see a lot of beautiful drawing concepts, they are really amazing, and the little dog looks so cute!! about the eyes of the portrait figure, the farther eye is smaller than the closer eye. as i already explained the perspective is not evident in headshots, but it might as well have been some unintentional mistake ^^ any case wow, your body studies look very impressive O:

6) ohh i love this one, such nice colours!! (my favorite colours hehe) take notice of the right foot though, since it's not curved appropriately :3 well that's actually all i can come up with at the moment, so impressive job hihi ^^

7) ahh nice nice drawing the last one!! i love the premise :3 though mind that the hair doesn't seem exactly right. it's hard to explain but it somehow seems to go in a curve not fitting to the head shape.. hard to explain...

well that's all that i could come up with for now, before i make the reply too long. i made some general comments but if you do want me to go in depth of one certain drawing then please tell me so and i can do that. i think going in depth on all of your drawings would probably be a bit pointless, i hope you understand ^^

i sadly didn't have time to redline and illustrate my point at moments i wanted to do this, so might anything be unclear then please ask me and then i'll see if i can still provide the redline for you :3