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Thread: Cora's art dumps - I'M BACK kind of... ; - ;

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    Oh heeeey guys :3 So I drew some more faces... They're harry potter related... again. I may be a little obsessed at the moment. <.<

    So I have here in this spoiler one colored picture of what I imagine Lily's face looked like, plus sketches of the faces of James, Sirius, and Remus. I'm sorry if the sketches are hard to see The pencil was really light. *sigh*

    SPOILER! :

    I'm sorry this photo is so crappy T_T My scanner is MIA...

    Let me know what you think. I have plans to do actual scenes where they're doing stuff that's interesting... not just staring at you. -_-

    Also I'm taking a figure drawing class!!! It's really fun! Maybe i'll post some stuff from that later this quarter.

    edit: also I drew a new pic for my avatar over there to the left :3 What dyou think? Also question, I'm thinking of changing the splotchy bg behind lily to a more solid one like in my avatar pic there on the left. Opinions?
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