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Thread: Basic Art Equipment

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    Lol. Had to ask if there was any specific sketch book, you know how there is like different computers. They all get the job done, but there is always that brand that is slightly better. But okay. So basically get me a set of HB #2 and some 0.6-0.7 Lead pencils.

    I did notice, when I was drawing before, that I tend to be a little rough. I do want to practice on my pressure, but I guess I can do that a little later. First I need to practice my anatomy or maybe just doing circles, because I have always had a hard time with the whole, making a circle without it looking weird. xD But eh, practice makes perfect. I don't expect to be good in a night.


    My friend recommended this site for art supplies. Has anyone purchase from this site before?
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    You can practice pressure with your HB. Just be gentle. It's really difficult at first, but it comes in time.

    And I'm not sure about that site, but I get my online supplies from

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    I've heard some teachers/authors talk about materials that may help you if you really really consider yourself a beginner. Try using just an EE pencil when starting out to learn the full range of tones. On that same note, charcoal and grease pencils also are good in helping you learn what sketching means, and in encouraging arm movement and restatement.

    Regarding sketch paper, your best bet with standard quality stuff would probably be something in the Strathmore series (My college art department make that standard-issue) but like Gunzet said, any cheap sketch paper would be fine to practice with. So buy a big Strathmore and then just some cheap sketchpad. The huge ones are the best - you want to draw big when you practice.

    Also, sketchbooks are golden and you should carry one with you wherever you go. Seriously, those things are awesome.


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