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    Smile Takumi's Introduction

    Hi fellow artists!Thank you for visiting this thread and nice to meet all of you here at


    I am Ishikawa Takumi,aged 14,and I'm a male.If you ask "where I am from" ,you may not get an answer from me because it's a secret.Continuing on,I am one-eighth an otaku , a one-eight freelance+unofficial artist ,one-eighth a musician,one-eighth a social person and half a student in my daily life.From there,you probably can tell now that I have a pretty messed up life full of activities to do.

    My initial impression on

    Hmm...not bad,I'll rate it 4 out of 5 stars because of the effort made.The tutorials are also quite good and informative and the best part is....different information can be shared among different people.That's wonderful!

    My introduction as an artist

    My art is in a varied style where I draw and edit or decorate pictures as well.I don't copy those pictures without permission.I always read the terms given by the artist who created the picture.Well,not the mangaka,but the license of the website as a webmaster should be responsible for the photos uploaded in his/her site.

    Well,some may be thinking that it should be best to just not be lazy and draw but I prefer to test out different styles on a picture.Such as background,lighting,texture and many things like that.For my level,I'm a absolute beginner here.Well,I accept teachers who can teach me manga art from time to time and would love it !

    My Network

    Live Journal-
    -It's going to be active soon so please be patient for it to be active.

    -I'm online everyday and I accept all invitations ,requests and will look through all mails sent to me.You may send requests to me here

    -Erm...I accept all requests

    -I'm not active yet here so please wait for this as well.I accept things,as usual.


    -Friend requests,messages,club invitations(some) accepted.

    My views in random things

    Well,I like the law of copyright though many people hate it because with copyright being allowed,things will be much,much easier.However,a world of copying does no creativity in the world at all. I don't like people fighting over for views of what things should be and rather make things flow by naturally,because I feel that no change is good,except for change in human's conservation over nature.So I'll rather respect the artist and come up with new designs using bases.


    Hope you enjoyed my introduction and you may post questions here to ask about me or post comments here and I'll reply to your questions ASAP.Look forward to seeing everyone in you!
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