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Thread: Which book should I study first to learn how to draw faces (+ anatomy a little bit)?

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    Which book should I study first to learn how to draw faces (+ anatomy a little bit)?

    I'll mainly be copying other people's art anyway as right now I don't want to draw my "own" art (no inspiration )
    I already did the squares exercises to learn perspective and I planned to work on that for a bit, but I would also like to actually draw something.
    EDIT: Question: Do you think that drawing a bunch of cubes in 3D on a daily/ weekly basis would help me tremendously? I drew really simple circles at some point—LOTS of them—and now I actually have trouble making egg-shaped circles because my circles are always really round.
    EDIT bis: I just drew about 300 circles which were fairly round. Hopefully this will help me with drawing eyes.

    Here are the books I have:
    Volume 1, 2, 3, 4: Manga & Anime (by the author who wrote How to Draw Manga)
    Volume 1, 2: How to Draw Manga

    Books downloaded (I can't print pages right now since I need to buy a printer & scanner):
    How to Draw Manga 1 thru 8, I also have the one about horror but it's in Japanese, and I think I may have volume 12 and the one on robots.

    More How to Draw Manga volume 1

    Yesterday, I had a look at the first Manga & Anime book and it seemed a bit difficult even if I LOVE the way the characters look.
    Manga & Anime is definitely more my style because it's way cuter.
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