Hey guys,

I'm a humble beginner when it comes to drawing. I gave up on this beautiful art about 8 years ago after my grandmother savagely criticized my cute sketches.
I was young at the time, so that's probably why I reacted the way I did.
My father kind of encouraged me to pick up drawing again, "but maybe not manga."

Following this incident, I don't feel comfortable to draw my own characters anymore, or to draw manga. However, I did find a bunch of nice tutorials which teach beginners how to draw cartoon-ish animals and monsters.

Here are my questions:
Do you know any website that would be helpful to kids who like drawing? I need very clear step-by-step guides.

Are there any websites which teach people how to draw chibis? Mine always look creepy! I think that chibis would be a nice way to start drawing manga again.

How can I get over this whole thing as an artist?
I don't really talk to my grandmother anymore, and I'm extremely self-conscious when it comes to showing my drawings to other people.
I still live with my parents, and I basically gave up on concealing stuff from them because they're respectful, and also because I'd rather be honest and tell them that I want to draw.

This may seem ridiculous but I'm extremely sensitive, and I need to find a way to get my confidence up again.