Long time since I've taken a look here at the forum, I have been very busy lately with school and further education. I intend to study something like illustrator and graphic designer, so I'll definitely be adding more pictures to come. I have not yet posted my "Secondo Wave" sorry for those of you who have waited but I hope to put it out soon!

Now back to the topic of the thread! I have worked long to make along story line, at last I can see light in the tunnel. Going to need some further help, unfortunately I have not English as my first language so hehe things can be difficult.

But I'm working with another main character who is named "Lake" have made ​​a little drawing here that I want to get your opinions! This is what I like to call lazy inking, haha meaning that I haven't yet finished the image but appreciate the criticism!

I've posted a similar photo before, but I was inspired by another artist. So I dropped it and instead made ​​another based on my own style. The Storie will be supernaturel as you probably are going to notice!


Phew, I apologize for the length of the thread.