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    Hi there!

    I'm Tamara =D, and I'm a girl from Holland ^^

    I'm 16 years young and I like drawing, but I'm really no good. So I want to learn how to draw. Simple as that!
    Now I don't know anything about manga and anime, but I always loved Pokémon, Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh, I always wanted to draw things like that. (Any idea what to read, like Yu-Gi-Oh, Death Note..??) We always say in Holland "Alles valt te leren." It means, you can learn everything and anything! And one day I tought, why not?!
    Since 3 weeks now I've been drawing stuff. Mostly faces, hair, eyes, ears. But now I can do that I want to learn how to draw the whole body, with clothing and gear, just everything, but I found it quite hard...

    So here I am, willing to learn, and when I have the knowledge, willing to share!

    Have a nice day everyone!!!,
    Love for all <3
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