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    Gothic Thread

    So there's an upcoming D&D party that needs a few more players. This is recruitment thread for that.

    Umbralume is a plane untouched by sunlight for over nine millennia. A plane of endless night ruled by and home to all manner of horrors.
    Vampires rule over most of the plane, their Human subjects occupying a role that is a combination and midway point between that of vassal peasants and cattle livestock. Werewolves prey upon Humans by moonlight, both as loners and in packs, oft-times waking the next 'morning' unaware of their activities the past 'night'. The dead are restless in their graves, rising bodily or otherwise to plague the living. The sadistic Drow have long since risen up against their Elven cousins, slaughtering them all and claiming parts of the surface for themselves and their spider goddess; Lolth. All the while the scheming Devils and Tieflings of the Nine Hells plot the subjugation of all in the name of the Enemy, and the vile Demons of the Abyss threaten to corrupt and destroy all; living, dead, and those in-between.
    And amidst it all, by moonlight and torchlight, faith and tenacity, luck and skill, the Humans of Umbralume try to do what they have always done - survive. Mobs of pitchfork and torch wielding peasants are aided by experienced and elite crusaders and slayers in their endeavors to keep Humanity from becoming someone's meal and maybe, just maybe, drive the night and all its horrors from Umbralume and live to see a sunrise.
    But Humanity is assaulted from within as well as from without. Necromancers seek to bend the dead to their own nefarious purposes, mad Stitchers and Alchemists ply their arcane trades with little care or concern for consequence, and worst of all are those Humans who consort willingly with Vampires and Fiends, in hopes of gaining power or perhaps, simply, a measure of safety.
    What a horrible night to have a curse.

    Essentially Umbralume is a creepy plane with an aesthetic and tone that's a mashup of Gothic Horror, Gothic Culture/Gothpunk, and Tim Burton-esque aesthetics. Vampires (8 different bloodlines to pick from!), Humans, Tieflings, and possibly other Undead and Fiends are viable race choices. For classes the normal gamut runs, plus I may adapt the Alchemist class from Pathfinder so we can get more stuff like the Invisible Man or Dr. Jekyll. Stitchers, in case the flavor art didn't help, are basically Ye Olde Dr. Frankensteins. Mad arcanists who stitch Flesh Golems together and stick grafts onto things.
    Black Shaggie?
    Evil Cake

    Reg's playing a Drider, so no Drow.
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